COVID-19 crisis and women in Asia

Gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health and care work
Kathmandu, 2021

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Rahmadhani, Peny; Vaz, Fiona; Affiat, Rizki Amalia

COVID-19 crisis and women in Asia

Economic impacts and policy responses
Kathmandu, 2021

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Harvey, Rowan; Safier, Chloe

Transformative change for gender equality

Learning from feminist strategies
Kathmandu, 2021

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Icons of gender justice

Paving the way for women's rights in Asia
Kathmandu, 2021

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Schmalz, Stefan; Dörre, Klaus

[Trade Union in Transformation : The power resource approach]

Lalitpur, 2020

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The role of political parties in deepening democray in Nepal

A study of party image, issues at stake, and agenda building
Kathmandu, 2018

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Bhatta, Chandra Dev

Reflections on Nepal's peace process

Berlin;Bonn, 2012

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Dahal, Dev Raj

Elections and conflict in Nepal

country analysis
Berlin;Bonn, 2010

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News update from Nepal

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. - Bonn], 2009 [and formerly] ([Hintergrundberichte
Bonn, 2005

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Krämer, Karl-Heinz

Nepal nach den Wahlen zu einer verfassungsgebenden Versammlung

Probleme beim Neubeginn ; (Beitrag für das 14. NGO-Treffen in Köln am 15.11.2008)
Bonn, 2008

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