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Gaida's Dance with Tiger and Dragon

This FES Nepal publication sets out to take a closer look at changing geopolitical dynamics and its implications for Nepal. It is an invitation to…


25.03.2021 | Event

Beyond History: Celebrating Women's contribution in nation-building

Feminists have decoded ‘History’ as his-story, the documentation of the past predominantly from a male perspective. In a public discussion organized…


10.10.2020 | Event

The post COVID-19 world order: Scenarios for Asia and implications for Nepal

With the rise of nationalist sentiments and growing tensions between major powers, the emerging world order seems to create a backlash on…


04.05.2020 | Event

A Bumpy Road Ahead: Covid-19 and its effects on the Nepalese economy

What are the economic impacts of the current lockdown and the Covid-19 crisis? How is it affecting workers and trade unions? FES Nepal talked to…


12.03.2020 | Event

Let's talk about Gender Justice: A conversation about successes and challenges in Nepal.

For anyone committed to gender equality and empowering women and girls, 2020 is a special year: The Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action…


13.12.2019 | Event

For Better or Worse: Challenges for Journalism in the Digital Age

How is digitalisation impacting journalism in Asia and worldwide? And what does this mean for Journalist's unions? We were looking for answers and…


Saturday, 23.11.2019 - Sunday, 24.11.2019 - Kathmandu, Nepal | Event

Better Lives and Working Conditions in Private Care Sector

As digitalization continues to have an impact on the care sector, it is important to jointly plan and strategize a just transition for workers.


Sunday, 16.06.2019 - Friday, 21.06.2019 - Kathmandu, Nepal | Event

Learn, unlearn, and relearn

In #FESSummerSchool 2019 young leaders from trade unions, political parties and civil society explored different aspects of democracy and leadership…


Monday, 06.05.2019 - Friday, 10.05.2019 | Political Dialogue | Event

From Parental Leave to Parity Law

Nepalese lawyers and politicians exchanged on equality practices in Germany and Nepal during a study trip to Berlin in May 2019


Monday, 18.02.2019 - Tuesday, 19.02.2019 - Kathmandu | Event

Negotiating with a Gender Perspective

Negotiation is a peaceful way to find solutions despite different interests. By improving and using proper negotiation skills you can create a win-win…


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