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Empowering Women Journalists

The number of female journalists in Nepal is on the rise. However, they are often assigned soft beats such as entertainment, fashion, life styles, and health.

Photo: Prabin Basnet / FES Nepal

While these topics capture the interest of readers, they offer few opportunities for professional growth and livelihood security of the women concerned. Furthermore, with political reporting and economic analysis remaining predominantly a male bastion, it is less likely that a gender-balanced view is presented to the public.

In this regard, Media Advocacy Group (MAG), in cooperation with FES Nepal, organized an intensive training program on 28-29 July 2018 for women journalists from outside of Kathmandu and working for the vernacular press.

The training aimed at enhancing the essential journalism skills of female media workers. It also helped them to familiarize with the current political affairs. The specific topics discussed were the recently introduced Civil Code, provisions on the Right to Information as well as livelihood skills and practices for women journalists. In addition, the program created a platform to share the best practices. Through such trainings, organizers strive to retain women journalists in the media sector and encourage them to take journalism as their primary means of living.

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