Dreams of Equality

Through the stories of young women this publication explores diverse perspectives on gender equality in Nepal and how change happens in our daily lives.

The Nepalese society is full of inspiring stories of women who are shaping its social, political and economic spheres. Still, too often these stories remain untold. Against this background, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Nepal office has collected the real-life stories of young Nepalese women. In the Nepali publication “Samanata Ka Sapana Haru” (Dreams of Equality) they share their dreams and aspirations.

This collection of ten stories written by young Nepalese women from diverse backgrounds illustrates their day-to-day struggles in face of structural barriers that determine the distribution of power, wealth, resources, access and time in society. Each story is accompanied by an illustration visualizing its essence.

The women featured in this publication have proven themselves in fields considered ‘male-dominated’ or are speaking up against discrimination in creative ways. What they all got in common is: they have a ‘Dream of Equality’ and are committed to turn that dream into reality. They also demonstrate the strength it takes to choose your own path in life and challenge gender stereotypes. Altogether, the stories exemplify what gender equality means in the lives of young Nepalese women.

The publication was launched on 11 March 2022 amidst a discussion program "Dreams of Equality: Perspectives on Gender Equality in Nepal". The program also included a short theatrical presentation based on the stories featured in the book. Watch it here.

[Dreams of equality]

[Dreams of equality]

[Inspiring stories of women's contribution to democracy and social justice]
Kathmandu, 2022

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