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04.05.2020 | Event
A Bumpy Road Ahead: Covid-19 and its effects on the Nepalese economy
What are the economic impacts of the current lockdown and the Covid-19 crisis? How is it affecting workers and trade unions? FES Nepal talked to economist Achyut Wagle and trade unionist and law  
20.01.2022 | Event, Publication
Gaida's Dance with Tiger and Dragon
This FES Nepal publication sets out to take a closer look at changing geopolitical dynamics and its implications for Nepal. It is an invitation to revisit existing narratives and to think about  
22.03.2022 | Event, Publication
Dreams of Equality
Through the stories of young women this publication explores diverse perspectives on gender equality in Nepal and how change happens in our daily lives.  
11.12.2019 | Event
Better Lives and Working Conditions in Private Care Sector
As digitalization continues to have an impact on the care sector, it is important to jointly plan and strategize a just transition for workers.  
12.03.2020 | Event
Let's talk about Gender Justice: A conversation about successes and challenges in Nepal.
For anyone committed to gender equality and empowering women and girls, 2020 is a special year: The Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action 1995 – considered a comprehensive global policy  
08.08.2018 | Civic Education | Event
Hands on Democracy
"Very few programs of this kind take place here: This is why the understanding of federalism and many other issues remains limited. Civic education programs help in familiarizing with the current